Braintree Payments

Integrated solution for secure online payments, subscriptions and website donation systems.

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About Braintree

Functional, lightweight and ultra-portable, Chrome devices are the perfect tool to connect your workers and enhance productivity. Combined with GSuite, Chrome devices integrate seamlessly anywhere work happens.

Product Features

Braintree offers many features for online payment solutions:

  • Seamless user experience – Ready made UI or build your own custom checkout interface.
  • Accept multi-currency – Set up multiple merchant accounts for each currency you need to accept.
  • Advanced fraud protection – Create rules in the control panel to guard against fraudulent transactions.
  • Data security – Data encryption protects customer data to the level of compliance with Visa and Mastercard.
  • Subscription and one-time payments – Accept payments for one-time and recurring monthly or annual plans.
  • Reports and Analytics – Get instant insights into payments and business performance from the dashboard.
  • Website integration – Full featured API for building custom integrations between Braintree and websites.

Solution Services

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Service Details
IT Consulting Guided evaluation of GSuite for individual business suitability. Demonstrations and case studies for evaluation. Planning of deployment and change management.
Cybersecurity Audit and increase security for GSuite account. Discuss security policies and security control configuration. Implement upgraded security strategies for email and general system access.
Development Build upon GSuite accounts and APIs to crete custom applications and data management workflows. Connect GSuite to existing websites and applications.