Google Cloud Platform

Infrastructure as a Service platform for running websites, applications and data workloads in the cloud.

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About Google Cloud Platform

Functional, lightweight and ultra-portable, Chrome devices are the perfect tool to connect your workers and enhance productivity. Combined with GSuite, Chrome devices integrate seamlessly anywhere work happens.

Product Features

Google Cloud Platform has industry leading features:

  • Lightning fast and reliable – Website, database and application hosting that performs reliably under any traffic.
  • Enterprise security – Leverage Google’s massive investment in security to keep users and data safe.
  • Data sovereignty – Build a business cloud to run in Australia from the Google Cloud, Sydney region.
  • Managed platform – Develop applications and websites on App Engine without setting up infrastructure.
  • Business friendly pricing – Competitive pay-per-minute pricing for all cloud services running in a project.
  • Future-proof platform – High performance platform that is constantly improving and introducing new cloud products.